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Website training

Our training videos are designed for new website owners. They provide an overview of the Rocketspark Dashboard features and basic controls to edit your website. Please tap here to access Rocketspark support details. 

Lesson 1: Logging into your website

Lesson 2: Rocketspark dashboard introduction

Lesson 3: Manage Pages: 404 Pages and 301 Redirects

Lesson 4: Rocketspark Flint SEO Tool 

April 2024 Update: New feature on Flint! Alongside optimizing page metadata, use Flint's new generative AI writing assistant to draft, write, or rephrase written content directly in your dashboard. Learn more about the Flint Generative AI assistant →

Lesson 5: Stage 2: Rocketspark Dashboard Introduction

Lesson 6: Editor Mode: Make design changes to your website

Lesson 7: Editor Mode: Header Controls

Lesson 8: Adding Images: Different Methods

Updates December 2023: Since filming this lesson the following Rocketspark feature updates have been made:

  1. All Stack Background Images and Column Background images will have a pencil icon over the image while in Dashboard Editor Mode. Clicking the pencil icon shortcuts the need to click Edit Design in the stack menu. Click the pencil icon over the image to automatically open the correct image menu. 

  2. The picture block has been upgraded to allow for greater creative control. Tap here to read about the new picture block features. 

Support Guides

Available online 24/7. The Rocketspark Support Guides help you manage your website changes

Customer Success Team

Phone 0800 762 538
Mon to Fri, 9-4pm

Request a Video Tutorial

Request a personalised video tutorial to give you guidance to complete specific tasks relating to your website, or integrated plug-in. These bite-sized videos are yours to keep and can serve as a valuable tool for future reference or use as a training resource. 

What does a video tutorial include?

A video tutorial includes a screen recording with voice-over audio, showing how the task you have requested needs to be completed. The video length is approximately 7-10 minutes long.

How much does it cost?

Our fee is $65+gst per video which includes planning, preparation, and video recording. Turnaround is approximately 1 week or less*

How do I request a video

Complete the form below or call Liz on 021 261 9131.

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