What happens next?

When you choose to work with us, we like to keep things moving along swiftly. See what happens next in our "no-fuss" process below. Then, when you're ready, talk to us.


The following information breaks down what happens during 85% of all our projects. Every job is unique, so your personalised timeline guide will be given to you at the start of your project.

Book me in

Once you've accepted our quote and we've received your deposit, your booking date will be confirmed. We'll email you a personalised timeline to make sure your project moves along swiftly. Then we're ready to schedule our first meeting by phone, Skype or meet in person at our Papamoa office.

Let's get started

During our first meeting, we'll be asking lots of questions. We'll need to get a clear vision of your project, your business and establish your ideal client to target. This information provides us with the foundation for your project strategy, research and development.

The finer details

If you are supplying text and images, this is the time that we'll need it. We'll give you a dropbox link to add all the content we've requested. If you are hiring us to take your photographs and to write your content, you can skip this process entirely.

Sneak peak

You will receive the initial draft of what we envision for your project based on our research and conceptual plans. We'll have another chat and get your feedback on what you like or would like to change  - remember everything is open to change!

The whole hog

During this time we'll be putting in the hard yards to craft your project into life. Once completed, we'll present you with a working version and we can discuss any final adjustments.

Hey, presto!

Time to celebrate, your project is completed! (If we've created a website for you, this is also the time where we'll train you on how to manage your websites content management system so you can keep adding content or make changes.) 


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