Welcome to LW Creative

Hi, I'm Liz Webb the owner of LW Creative - a website design company based in Tauranga, Papamoa, New Zealand.

We create customer-focused websites and e-commerce websites for New Zealand Small Businesses. Our sites are built with a "Strategy First - Design Second" approach. This lets us see the bigger picture to develop a clear pathway to online success.

We help busy, small business owners by handling the whole website building process (including the boring bits). It's involved and time-consuming, but necessary to get it right. You might choose to work with us because you want it set up correctly, and without creating extra workload for yourself and your team when you're already under the pump.

The way websites are being created, and the way to achieve online success has evolved. We're here to support you for the long term with knowledgeable online marketing advice and services to compliment your business goals as it grows.


We want to add value to your small business

We like to work with people as long as we can genuinely see that we can add real value to your business. We want our clients to continue to work with us and be confident when referring us on to others. Even if you're not a client of ours, we're always happy to offer free independent advice to make sure that shiny new website covers exactly what you may need.

Strategy first - design second

Times have changed, and there is plenty of competition online - millions in fact. Building a pretty website and hoping people will stumble upon it, is just not enough. Your website is an investment, and without proper planning, it's wasted money. Our process puts strategy first so traffic can come to your site and know what to do when they get there.

You prefer not to work with big companies

We both know that big companies are great, but they usually come with hefty price tags to pay for those nice offices and fancy perks. As a small company ourselves, we're used to operating within tight budgets to bring clever ideas to life. We also only take on a limited number of projects each month, so you'll always get the attention you deserve.

​Fixed quotes to fit your budget

Our pricing structure is very straightforward. We provide fixed quotes tailored to your needs - there are no surprises after the job is complete or additional extras unless you have asked for them.

It's less work for you

Almost anyone can design a website - even the 14-year-old kid in the hoodie next door. However, creating a successful website that works (i.e. generates traffic, leads and online sales) takes time and plenty of hard work. Most business owners rarely have the time or resources to make it happen. Our done-for-you website packages let you get online faster, while you spend your free time doing the things you really enjoy.

Technical-jargon-free zone

Technical jargon is enough to put most normal people to sleep. If you feel like this, you're not alone because we feel like that too. When you work with us, we'll explain everything in "real" language and if technical terms arise, we'll let you know what they mean and how they might affect you. 

You want long term support

Have you ever had your web developer go MIA (missing in action)? It's an awful situation because suddenly, you're left with a digital mess that no one wants to touch. It sounds far-fetched but it's far more common than you think. It's a classic example of why many people prefer to work with us. We're trusted and we promise free support for the lifetime of your website for all our website builds... and our clients love it too.


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