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We've listed the most common questions people ask when starting a Rocketspark online store. Please view the help guides and video below. If you need assistance at any stage, visit the Rocketspark Help Centre or contact us.

How to add a manually add a new product?

There are two ways to add products to your store - CSV upload or manual upload. In most instances, once your store has been set up, most people prefer manual upload. The following guide will go into detail on how to manually add a product to your store. The video will show a quick overview.

How to show products on sale?

When a product becomes on sale, a coupon needs to be created in your Rocketspark dashboard for a fixed dollar amount or percentage discount. Once the coupon is set up, apply the coupon as a tag to your product to automatically show the discount. Click the link below for a step-by-step guide on how to set up a coupon for your sale.

How to process a new order?

Processing an order on Rocketspark is very straightforward.
  1. Receive a notification by email when an order has been made.
  2. Login to your dashboard
  3. Click on the cog icon beside the word shop in the left menu.
  4. Click on "Orders" in the left menu.
  5. To view order details, click the pencil icon by the shop order.
  6. Once packaged and send, click in the dropdown menu on the order line.
  7. Select "Ship & notify".
  8. Complete the information in the pop-up - Courier company, tracking number and tracking URL (tracking URL is the courier website address http://www... where your customer can track the status of their delivery).
  9. Click send - this will notify the customer by email.

How to bulk update stock levels and pricing?

You can adjust stock levels and pricing individually by editing each product. However, if you have a few products to update a faster approach is to use the CSV file export/import feature. When exporting your CSV file, it's good practice to keep a copy of the original download. Make changes to your CSV, and then import back with the save file name products.csv into the Import and Export page on your Ecommerce dashboard.

How to add a category or filter to the sitewide footer

The following video show you how to copy part of the shop URL (website address) to create a link in your website to go though to a particular shop category or filter, when clicked.

Rocketspark Help Centre

Rocketspark support can help with any technical queries on your site.
Email: support@rocketspark.com
Phone : 0800 762538 (Mon -Fri, 9-4pm)


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