Project information

Project: Website Design for Dorset Construction

Project start date: Monday 13th June

- Click here for your content guide on what to include.
- Please click on the button below to upload content for your new website.
- Please ensure all file have fully uploaded on Dropbox before closing your website browser screen.

Project timeline

Your project timeline below shows you the various stages to be reached as we approach the planned launch of your new website. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Liz on 021 261 9131.

To help us deliver your site on time, it is important that you respond promptly when we deliver any work for your approval. Any delay can result in the delivery of your site being pushed back.

Key dates for you:

7th June - All website content uploaded to our Dropbox link
8th June - Pre-start meeting
5th July - Draft presentation meeting
7th July - Your initial website changes are due back
8th-11th July - Website review and your final changes due back


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