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Client spotlight: KS Fence & Deck logo and website design

ABOVE: Completed website design and logo
ABOVE: Completed website design and logo

Introducing Sean & Karena at KS Fence & Deck

Sean and Karena came to Tauranga shortly after baby Cooper was born. The move to the Bay of Plenty was the perfect choice because it wasn't too far from friends and family, and a great place to bring up their son. Sean was also keen to move his thriving Auckland based business – KS Fence & Deck (formally KS Property Works) to the bay too.

Before making a move to Tauranga, KS Fence & Deck was booked up solid for 8 months in advance, building decks, retaining walls and pergolas and providing landscaping services in Auckland. Sean was responsible for organising the projects, meeting with customers to decide on the best approach for their backyard needs and then making it all happen. Karena is a successful real estate agent and supports Sean by helping with customer enquiries, invoicing, and making the business decisions together.

ABOVE: Owners of KS Fence & Deck - Karena, Sean & baby Cooper
ABOVE: Owners of KS Fence & Deck - Karena, Sean & baby Cooper

100% of work previously came through referrals & on the job enquiries

While in Auckland, Sean was proud to say that 100% of his work came through referrals from satisfied customers, or from his customers’ neighbours who saw him working on site and asked for more information. The continual demand for Sean’s services meant there wasn't any need to pay for additional branding and marketing.

"I had my business name and phone number on my truck, but no logo or anything. I didn't see the point in having a website because I was already busy and didn't need the extra work," says Sean.

I met with Sean and Karena (and baby Cooper) after they had been living in Tauranga for a few months. Sean had been kept busy driving up to Auckland to complete the backlog of work, but not taking on more jobs unless they were in the BOP region. Karena was well aware that moving to a new city but working in the same market would be difficult until KS Fence & Deck became well known. 

"We didn't have the same referral base down in Tauranga – we didn't know anyone. It really felt like we were starting our business from scratch all over again," says Karena

Before completing any online marketing efforts, firstly identify where your customers are looking.

To help get their business back on track, the first thing we identified was where their customers were looking for services like theirs. KS Fence & Deck had an Instagram account, but no centre point to funnel enquiries. We also agreed that when customers like theirs are looking for a new deck for summer, the first place they will search is online, not social. Their marketing approach needed to be turned around. I recommended that they needed a website to give them an online presence where their customers are searching, and then use social media to validate their story.

Developing a logo that works for them

We also looked at their logo. Karena and Sean wanted something a bit more memorable than their name written out in a standard font. I created their logo by developing the ‘KS’ into a monogram and incorporating a fence illustration around the letters for instant recognition of their core services. After chatting with Sean and discovering where their logo would be used, we decided that the logo should appear in white on black. The monochromatic colour scheme meant that the logo could be easily applied to Sean's black work shirts and vehicle to look consistent while on a job.

Creating the website

While I finalised their logo, Karena set about writing the content for their website. I then created headings from the additional web copy provided, and optimised the heading tags with keywords to further help their position in search query results.

ABOVE: Final logo design and logo positioning on sample vehicle
ABOVE: Final logo design and logo positioning on sample vehicle

Creating visual interest with colour and graphic elements

Working with a monochromatic colour scheme in website design can prove problematic when high quality, professional-looking imagery is unavailable. It can be an even greater challenge to create that first impression wow-factor if colour is also absent. Sean did a good job remembering to photograph his work while he’s been on site, which was perfect for social media. However, this posed a problem: taking photos on a phone when lighting conditions are less than ideal and can cause size and pixelation issues.

Luckily, Sean had a couple of good images that I could use for the website sliders. The other images were used on a smaller scale to support sections of content. I suggested to Karena and Sean that we introduce a third colour to their monochromatic colour scheme. The colour was applied to buttons and graphic elements, which helped to draw attention to key areas.

ABOVE: Using colour to highlight key areas, such as CTA (call-to-action) buttons and graphic elements.
ABOVE: Using colour to highlight key areas, such as CTA (call-to-action) buttons and graphic elements.

The final stages of the project

Once the website was launched, I gave Sean and Karena some further information on how to promote their business online and designed some DL flyers to match their branded website.

“Thanks so much Liz, your website and logo & flyers have helped us so much. We are now booked up for the entire year and slowly booking up January – that’s even with Sean working every weekend at the moment just to fit all the work in. We ask every person who contacts how they find us and the most common response is Google. Also we have had a few comments saying they looked online and chose to work with us because we looked very professional. We would definitely recommend you to any other businesses trying to get ahead! “ Karena, KS Fence & Deck

ABOVE: Rolling out the look of the website onto business cards and DL flyers.
ABOVE: Rolling out the look of the website onto business cards and DL flyers.

If you want to take a look at the new KS Fence & Deck website – visit: www.ksfenceanddeck.co.nz 

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