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What is Laybuy? And how can you add it to your online store?

If you run an Ecommerce store or are looking to sell products via your website, you may be interested to hear about Laybuy and how this simple payment system can offer more flexibility to your customers and help increase sales.

What is Laybuy?
Laybuy is a leading-edge service that puts a modern spin on the traditional layby purchasing model. Laybuy is a buy now, pay later payment solution. Unlike the traditional layby model, Laybuy lets you (the registered merchant) to be paid upfront. Your customers can then buy and receive goods straight away through your online store and pay for them over six weekly instalments. 

How do you get paid?
Once the products have been purchased on your site using Laybuy, you will receive full payment within a 48 hours guaranteed. It's a seamless process, so you can confidently sell and ship goods to your customer while Laybuy handles the risks like installment payments, credit fees and fraud risk. 

Sell more online
It's a significant selling point for any store selling products online. Better still, Laybuy merchants currently using this payment option are seeing an average increase in order values, conversion rates and new customer acquisitions.

Attract more customers
The registered merchant website is also listed on the Laybuy shop directory. Once customers are approved with a Laybuy account, they can use the shop directory to see where else they can buy with their Laybuy credit. 

What's the cost to you?
There is no monthly fee for using Laybuy. Instead, it works on a small commission per sale which is fully inclusive of all Visa and MasterCard credit and debit fees. 

How do you add Laybuy on your website?
If we're designing your e-commerce website, your Rocketspark dashboard will include the Laybuy integration. It's a simple process that lets you register as a merchant and offer Laybuy as a payment option to your customer when purchasing through your website. There are no set up costs and website integration with Laybuy is included in your standard monthly website subscription.

For more information on Laybuy visit https://www.laybuy.com/nz/for-merchants

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